"Being a good corporate citizen is no longer      
enough, you must be seen to be such"
(Bob Worcester - MORI)     

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What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an increasingly important issue that organisations of all shapes and sizes are having to consider as part of their business practice.

But what exactly is CSR?

CSR covers four principle areas:

  • how a business impacts on the environment (Environment)
  • what a business produces, how it produces it and how it buys and sells (Marketplace)
  • how a business invests in the community and respects the rights of people (Community)
  • how a business recruits, trains and develops its own people (Workplace)

In a nutshell, CSR is how an organisation impacts on society as a whole.

Our aim is to help you understand why it is important and how you can incorporate your CSR strategy into your communications and events that will ultimately benefit your business and have a positive impact on society.