"Being a good corporate citizen is no longer      
enough, you must be seen to be such"
(Bob Worcester - MORI)     

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CSR auditing

Positive Media will help you develop a strategic plan and implement a CSR programme that will enhance your business and truly add value. In order to do this we will take you through four stages:

  • Auditing
We will undertaken a complete audit and assessment of your current CSR activity together with an indepth analysis of the issues facing your business today.
  • Planning
We will help develop a strategic CSR plan aligned to your business activity, supporting your business objectives and improving your bottom line as well as ensuring you have a positive impact on society.

  • Management and PR
We will help you implement and manage your CSR programmes and provide on-going PR support to achieve media coverage that will gain you recognition and build brand loyalty.

  • Reporting

Reporting is an essential part of any CSR activity, and is crucial if you want to achieve results, but it is also very time consuming and can tie up resources from the business. We will instigate robust evaluation processes and develop the necessary reporting systems required to gain maximum value for the business from your CSR programmes.