"Being a good corporate citizen is no longer      
enough, you must be seen to be such"
(Bob Worcester - MORI)     

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Business in the Community East of England Awards Gala Dinner 2007

This year's highly successful Business in the Community East of England Awards Gala Dinner took place at King's College, Cambridge on Tuesday 26 June 2007 and was organised by Positive Media for the third year.

This prestigious event was attended by over 250 business men and women from across the region who enjoyed a Champagne Reception on the lawn before sitting down in The Great Hall for a five course dinner and the Awards presentation. The dinner menu reflected the flavours and tastes of the East of England and was locally sourced from the across the region. The Champagne and wines served were also locally sourced from vineyards in Essex and Bedfordshire.

The Business in the Community Awards for Excellence are the most prestigious UK awards recognising companies for integrating responsible business practice into all aspects of their business. Companies who achieve a high standard of excellence for the way in which they organise and integrate their responsible business practice and can demonstrate a positive impact both on society and on the business are presented with the "Big Tick" award.

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