"Being a good corporate citizen is no longer      
enough, you must be seen to be such"
(Bob Worcester - MORI)     

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Investing in future generations

All businesses have an impact on the environment. In an area where many of the most important impacts are global ones - such as climate change - it’s easy to suppose that only the contribution of large companies count. However, small companies generate more pollution than large ones overall. Every business that acts to reduce negative impacts can gain competitive advantage at the same time.

Business can improve its impact through developing goods and services that have a higher level of environmental performance than their competitors. This can be a powerful selling point. They can also use market relationships such as those in their supply chain to support and motivate others to improve performance.

Enterprise can also limit the negative impacts of their operations on the environment by reducing emissions, waste production and consumption of costly resources, for example.

The environmental harm caused by direct emissions depends on the receiving medium. There is a level at which natural systems can absorb and assimilate man-made waste. However, scientific evidence is clear that we are currently living well beyond these levels. Society is right to be concerned that the consequences could be dramatic and possibly catastrophic unless everyone behaves - and continues to behave - responsibly.

(Source: Winning with Integrity - Business in the Community)